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Welcome to the web-site of the Weston-On-The-Green Memorial Hall. 

The Village is also served by "The Village News", published every two months, further details click. News.


A note from the Parish Council.....

Dear Villager

The wait for the announcement of proposed routes for the Expressway has taken us some way into the autumn, but we should not be lulled into thinking that Highways England have been put on the leash.

At the Cherwell District Council meeting on Monday 21st October there are 2 relevant motions on the agenda. The second is from Cllr Katherine Tyson (Kidlington West): calling on the council to oppose the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway while supporting Rail connectivity - This is also currently the Parish Council’s preferred option

Unfortunately the first motion on the agenda that day is from the Leader of the Council, Cllr Barry Wood, and asks for the officers of the council to “assess the implications” of the imminent announcement of routes, “provide recommendations for Members…and the Executive”, and for CDC to continue to“maintain an open mind”. 

It is our contention that his motion is on the agenda solely to de-rail the second item, as when the council has voted to keep an 'open mind’ they cannot then vote to oppose the road. The first motion has no other content, as it calls on the councillors merely to do their standard jobs, thus we believe that this should be removed from the agenda or voted down.

Please note that Barry Wood is not only leader of Cherwell District Council, but leads the “Leaders group for the Oxford Cambridge Arc” which brings together the leaders of district councils from Swindon round to Ely in Cambridgeshire to promote development of the “Arc” including the Expressway. So rather than proposing a motion about the Expressway, he should perhaps be standing aside in view of his interest and recusing himself from voting on this issue? 

IF YOU ARE A registered Local Weston on the Green / (Launton & Otmoor) resident, please write to our three councillors asking them to vote AGAINST the first motion on the agenda (from Cllr Wood) and FOR the second motion to Oppose the Ox-Cam Expressway. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT THE FIRST MOTION DOES NOT PASS AS ONCE COUNCILLORS HAVE VOTED TO KEEP AN OPEN MIND THEY CANNOT PASS A MOTION TO OPPOSE THE ROAD! 

The emails of our three councillors are as follows:

Cllr David Hughes

Cllr Simon Holland

Cllr Timothy Hallchurch

A ‘form’ email can be ignored so we are afraid you will need to use your own words but you may consider commenting on:
- Motion 1 on 21st October 2019 meeting is purely there as a wrecking move by CDC 
- Erosion of the Green Belt
- Not even waiting for the new railway line  / upgrade to come into service
- Urbanise swathes of countryside
- Greatly increase cars and lorries using roads and lanes
- Make large-scale development more likely - via compulsory purchase etc.
- Change the way of life here for all-time


We've joined the Cherwell Lottery!

50% of all tickets sold from our page go to us!
Support local causes and win prizes of up to £25,000!
We now have a Weston on the Green Memorial Village
Hall on the Cherwell lottery page!


We need your help so we can continue to offer and even expand our service, and maintain the Hall! Our future plans include updating the heating and improving the wi-fi/ audio-visual provision. We hope you can help us by playing the Cherwell Lottery!

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Wilson

Chair, Village Hall Committee


See the Facebook page!

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The Weston on the Green Neighbourhood Plan

The Weston on the Green Neighbourhood Plan website is full of information on what a neighbourhood plan is, what stage we’re at in the making of it and what the next steps are.

We've put the feedback from the questionnaire survey up, as well as the presentations from the two village events held in October and much more, including a map showing the boundary of the NP area.

Please visit it at:



Weston On The Green is a small village in the heart of rural Oxfordshire and the Village Hall is set in the middle of the village adjacent to the beautiful and historic Church.

The Village Memorial Hall is a relatively modern building completed in 1973 set in an historic village in Oxfordshire, and just been given a major redecoration and face-lift. It is available for use by villagers and non-villagers alike, and this web site is intended to introduce the Memorial Hall to you.

There is some information, such as background history of Weston On The Green, information about the activities of the Women's Institute, a map and directions to Weston On The Green, Oxfordshire, England, and there are  images of the Hall. There are also details of how to hire the Hall, and some interesting links for you to browse. 

The Weston On The Green Memorial Village Hall is run as a Charity, Reference Number 264754.

Please feel free to contact me with any query regarding the Hall or the website. To send an email to me Click here.


The new National Police non-emergency telephone number is "101"

"101" replaces the current non-emergency phone number: 0845 8 505 505, which will continue

only until March 2012. It should be used to contact the police to report less urgent crime or

disorder and for general police enquiries. For example: if your car has been stolen; if your

property’s been damaged; when you suspect drug use or dealing, or to give the police

information about crime in your area.

You should continue to call 999 for an emergency, such as when a crime is in progress or

suspected or there is a danger to life or when violence is being used or threatened.




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