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Welcome to the Weston On The Green Women's Institute page.

The Women's Institute meet in the Weston On The Green Memorial Hall on the third Wednesday of every month.

We would like to welcome visitors to our meetings. Come and see what we get up to.

The Group also runs the following activities which are open to non-members:-

* Book Club,

* Embroidery and Craft Group,

* Theatre Group,

* Museums and Exhibitions Group.

For theatre lovers, a visit is arranged twice a year to see the current Oxford Operatic Society production when members are taken by coach to the Playhouse from the Village Hall.  For other productions there is always the opportunity to arrange smaller groups for an enjoyable lunch and theatre afternoon.

The Embroidery and Craft Group is still flourishing. We meet on the 2nd Monday of the month at 2.00p.m. Please contact a Committee Member for the venue. All skill levels are welcome and the more experienced amongst the group are only too happy to share their knowledge, providing us with some very helpful tips and ideas.

Weston W.I. can also cater for Light Lunches/buffets and  Afternoon Teas/High Teas.

Contact details:- Paula Hessian on 01869 350662 and Lyn Barnett on 01869 350707.

If you are interested in any of the above, but are not a member, contact any member, or any one of the committee members listed below, for details of specific meetings, as we are by no means an 'exclusive club' - we even invite husbands/partners/friends to most of our meetings.

Our activities are not wholly inward looking.  On the wider village front W.I. supports Village Hall fund-raising events and is represented on most other village group activities.

Our Programme 2014/2015


21st May
Resolutions Meeting

8th June
To Be Announced

16th July
Dr. Pat Snelson
Bicesterís Architectural History

No Meeting

17th September
Tim Healey
Sex, Drink & Death in the 17th Century

15th October
Julie Ross
The Jacobs Field Lavender Project

19th November
Moira Byast
The Hidden Meanings in Nursery Rhymes

10th December
Christmas Meeting


21st January
Gita Konschak
Face Painting & Body Art

18th February
Chris Smith
Top Tips for Drivers

18th March

15th April
Liz Woolley
The Coming of the Railway to Oxford




Mrs. Ann Holt



Mrs. Yvonne Biddle



Mrs. Lyn Barnett



Mrs. V. McCarthy



Mrs. Sally Bentley
Mrs. D. Whitton
Mrs. P. Hessian

01869 351271
01865 373953
01869 350662


To link to the National Federation of Women's Institute, click here.


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