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Hiring the Hall.

Hiring the Hall for an event couldn't be easier.

Please call on 01869 350992 or email: westonvillagehall@live.co.uk
or full information of the dates available and to book a date for your event.

Alternatively, if you prefer to write, please address enquiries to

Weston On the Green Village Hall
Mill Lane,
Weston On The Green
Oxon OX25 3QR

Events must occur between 8.00am and midnight unless express prior arrangements are made. The maximum number of people allowed in the Hall by the Entertainments License is 140 at any one time.

For a children's event, supervision of the Hall is required by 2 competent persons of at least 18 years of age, who are responsible for seeing that no damage is done to the Hall.

It is also a condition that no nuisance is caused by noise during the event and as people leave.  The car-park should be used considerately.

Hire Charges per 4-hour session, revised and updated January 2015.

        Commercial Hiring                                               60/session

        Private Hiring -- Non-village Rate                       45/session

        Private Hiring -- Village Rate                              35/session

        Village Groups and Societies.                            15/session   


A session is a morning, afternoon, or evening.

Other events by special arrangement.

A deposit is required against damage, and the Management Committee reserve the right to refuse to accept a booking.


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