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The Weston Garden Club

Formerly the Weston On The Green Horticultural Society.

Garden Club news.

Spring Show Saturday 8th April

For photos see the gallery created by Jennifer Henderson


On a magnificently warm and sunny day, villagers came out in force to enjoy a super display of spring flowers, tea and cake. There were entries from Children, Gardeners and photographers to admire.

The one trophy awarded at the Spring show is the Mary Tilling cup for the most points and that was won by Bill Toottell.

The show was judged a success and was displayed using the Village Hall tables and only one trestle table, so this rather vindicates the decision to dispense with the society's trestle tables.


The garden club is slowly coming out of winter hibernation into the new gardening year and the club welcomed it with a splendid talk given on Tuesday 14th March by Tony Clear, a gardener with a life-times experience including some 20 years as Head Gardener of Brook Cottage, at Alkerton near Banbury. Sadly this garden is no longer open to the public which has given Tony a new career in talking to societies such as ours on the subject on this occasion ďGetting to Grips with Pests and DiseasesĒ and he managed almost the whole talk without suggesting that this might include neighbours, spouses, pets or children! His advice was sage and solid illustrated with a variety of images of weevils, wireworms and beetles and with simple moneysaving tips such as using grease or Vaseline around pots to discourage vine-weevils from attacking your plantís roots, and encouraging natureís little helpers such as Ground-Beetles as they eat the dreaded slugs. Tony bemoaned the loss of many garden chemicals that have now been banned; some quite rightly, but some quite ridiculously just because they have not been licensed; itís that E.U. again.

Tony held a question and answer clinic at the end of his talk and the audience was able to bring their own particular problems to his encyclopaedic knowledge.

Do remember, as your own garden begins to grow this year that the Garden Club Spring Show will be held on Saturday 8th April and we would welcome everyone in the village to show the flowers and arrangements that herald the arrival of Spring. As always the hall will be open to all and teas and goodies available as you admire the daffodils, amaryllis, crocuses and hyacinths on display. Do come along 2 pm to 4:30 pm.

Weston On The Green Garden Club Autumn Show

held on Saturday 3rd September

Photographs taken at Weston on the Green Autumn show can be viewed on FLICKr 



Main Committee

Chair: Emma Bernard

Vice Chair: Anne Holt

Secretary: Robin Stafford Allen

Show Secretary: Val Holt

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